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Escape the Heat on an Alaskan Ecotour

Many folks live a sunbird lifestyle, migrating south to avoid a cold, harsh winter up north. However,  people living in hot climates want to escape the the heat of summer and early fall. As writer Jill Schensul puts it, “Thinking, imagining, is one thing. Better yet, finding someplace cool to vacation — that’s the best way to defeat the dog days of August.” The publication has  recommended Gondwana’s Alaskan ecotour as a way to beat the heat.

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Alaska’s Wild & Unique Culture

Be prepared for a dose of culture shock on the Northern Lights Ecotour! Along with the chilly weather, Alaska is known for its sparse population, unique animals and outdoor activities. The state’s remote environment has drawn off-the-grid hermits and prospectors to her natural resources. Despite these newcomers, native Alaskan cultures are still alive and well. To share the local culture with guests, “the trip also includes hiking alongside a family of reindeer, learning the sport of curling from Fairbanks locals; soaking in hot springs, a visit to the Ice Museum.”

Aurora Ice Museum & Chena Hot Springs

Alaskan Ecotour

Otherworldly Lights

The Aurora Ice Museum includes “a year-round ice bar, bar glasses made of ice, ice sculptures (chandeliers too) all created by world champion ice carvers Steve and Heather Brice. The Aurora is part of the Chena Hot Springs Resort just outside Fairbanks.” The healing waters of the hot springs have been used to relax travellers, indigenous people (and the occasional celebrity) for centuries. The unique creativity of ice sculptures, paired with the backdrop of Alaska’s natural wonders makes this a highlight of the trip.

Photographing the Northern Lights

Beyond the cultural activities, the real showstopper of the trip is the aurora borealis.Though the northern lights are unpredictable, they are most visible on clear, cold nights. Each night, a dedicated trip guide will wake guests up when the northern lights are active. To help people capture beautiful photos, “…a veteran photographer will be along to help you get the shots to prove you weren’t hallucinating.”

Join the Northern Lights Ecotour

Joining our next Alaskan ecotour will not only chase away the summer blues, but it’s a glimpse into a territory that few people get to experience. Soaking in the hot springs, living in the rustic cabins and learning about local culture will provide a well rounded experience for guests. Gondwana offers Northern Lights Ecotours from September to March. Join our next trip for the adventure of a lifetime!

Download Our Northern Lights Brochure Here.

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