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What Makes Our Northern Lights Ecotour So Special?

northern lights ecotour

Under the Aurora Borealis

We pay close attention to the best time to see the Northern Lights in Alaska and last year Diane Trif joined us in December in Fairbanks, Alaska for our Northern Lights Ecotour. We enjoyed 6 days of snowshoeing, dogsledding, hot springs, curling, reindeer and tons of Aurora sightings! Diane was kind enough to feature us in an article on her blog, describing her experiences with us in Alaska and the things that make our trip so unique.

We are constantly getting 5 star feedback from our guests, check out our reviews on Facebook! They love the 24 hour services, our beautiful lodges, unique activities and friendly knowledgeable guides. This trip is doable for people of any age and mobility, it can be as active as you want.

As Diane says, you can enjoy a tour without it feeling like a tour. It just feels like a perfectly curated and authentic adventure, making friends with the locals and learning what living in interior Alaska is all about.

Aurora Guide Service

One special feature of our tour is the service of an Aurora Guide. Our guides are always local, friendly and knowledgeable about Alaska nature and culture. They will join you for dinner each evening, and then return to the lodge with you. After you head to bed, they will stay up watching the skies and the forecasts, and will give you a wake up call whenever the lights appear. That way you can remain warm and well rested for your next day’s activities and still see tons of Aurora. Our guides are available to provide photography assistance and fetch you hot drinks or additional gear from inside the lodge while you take in the splendor of the Northern Lights.

The Aurora Guides not only provide assistance during the night but also engage with guests during the daytime activities. They offer insightful knowledge about the local flora and fauna, sharing fascinating stories about the surrounding environment. Whether you’re out on a hike or relaxing by the lodge, the Aurora Guides are always there to enhance your experience and ensure you have a deeper appreciation of the Alaskan wilderness. Their passion for nature and dedication to creating unforgettable memories make them an essential part of your aurora hunting adventure.

Northern Lights Adventure

Getting dinner with our Aurora Guide

Unique Activities & People

Our tour features exclusive activities you can’t find with any other company. Take a curling lesson with local players and try out this famous sport. It is so much more fun than you might imagine. Learn the technique, laugh with your friends, and enjoy a little friendly competition. We also visit an organic family farm, where you can meet the family and their farm animals, tour the property and learn about true homestead living followed by a light homemade lunch in their cabin. It is truly the people we work with that make our tour so unique. Our guides are always fun characters who live the Alaskan lifestyle and have tons of interesting stories to share. The people who host us in their homes and businesses are so happy to share the culture of Alaska with our guests, and our guests love to get a peek into what everyday Fairbanks life is like.

Our engaging guides, true storytellers of the north, lead you on a journey of laughter, learning, and unforgettable moments. Experience authentic cultural immersion, where the warmth of Fairbanks welcomes you into its homes and businesses, leaving you with cherished memories of genuine Alaskan hospitality.

Northern Lights Ecotour

Curling with local players

  1. Curling Lesson with Local Players: Experience the thrill of curling, a beloved sport in Alaska, with exclusive lessons from local players. Discover the technique, share laughter with friends, and indulge in some friendly competition on the ice. It’s an unforgettable way to immerse yourself in Alaskan culture.
  2. Visit to an Organic Family Farm: Dive into the heart of Alaskan homestead living with a visit to an organic family farm. Meet the welcoming family and their adorable farm animals, explore the property on a guided tour, and gain insight into sustainable living practices. Top off your experience with a light homemade lunch in their cozy cabin.
  3. Engaging Guides with Local Insights: Our tour is guided by vibrant characters who embody the Alaskan lifestyle. They’re not just guides; they’re storytellers with a wealth of fascinating anecdotes to share. Get to know the real Alaska through their eyes as they lead you on an adventure filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable moments.
  4. Authentic Cultural Experiences: Immerse yourself in the everyday life of Fairbanks with exclusive access to local homes and businesses. Our hosts are eager to share the rich culture of Alaska with our guests, offering a glimpse into the traditions, cuisine, and hospitality that define this unique region. Prepare to be welcomed with open arms and leave with cherished memories of genuine Alaskan hospitality.

Beautiful Family Lodges Outside of Town

We stay in cozy, log cabin style lodges 20 minutes outside of Fairbanks. The advantage to staying outside of town is you get less light pollution from the city, and therefore, better Aurora viewing and photography. Our lodges are family owned and serve delicious home cooked breakfasts. The rooms feature private bathrooms, and there are always nice common areas for relaxing and socializing. The innkeepers provide top notch service and are available to make sure your stay is comfortable. When the lights come out, all you need to do is step out onto your deck, or walk 10 seconds outside to get a perfect Aurora view!

Northern Lights Ecotour

Aurora over Alaska Grizzly Lodge

The tranquil ambiance surrounding our lodges outside of Fairbanks enhances the overall experience of witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Nestled amid the picturesque wilderness, these family-owned cabins offer a quintessential Alaskan retreat with modern amenities. As the night sky dances with vibrant hues, stepping outside onto the deck feels like stepping into a fairytale. The crisp, clean air and the ethereal glow of the Aurora Borealis create a magical atmosphere that is simply unforgettable. Whether you prefer to bask in the beauty alone or share the moment with fellow travelers, our cozy lodges provide the perfect sanctuary for embracing nature’s breathtaking spectacle.

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Call us or email us to learn more about this incredible Alaskan Aurora Adventure that you can only experience with Gondwana Ecotours. Don’t wait, the time to see the lights is now while the solar cycle is still near it’s peak. We’ll see you in Alaska!

Ever wonder what causes the Northern Lights? learn more about the northern lights, also known as auroras, are caused by the interaction of charged particles from the sun with the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere, resulting in the mesmerizing displays of colorful light in the polar regions.


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