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Mountain gorilla eyes

Gondwana Featured in LA Times

Rwanda Gorilla Trek by Gondwana Ecotours is Featured in LA Times Gondwana Ecotours has been featured by the LA Times for our Gorilla Trekking Trip in Rwanda. Writer Rosemary McClure mentions that a highlight of the trip is “All hikes are led by gorilla conservationists,” and this small group trip is kept to 12 guests. Guided by experts, this creates …

Where can I meet the Maasai? Tanzania!

Where can I meet the Maasai?

Where can I meet the Maasai? One of Africa’s most iconic tribes, the Maasai live a semi-nomadic lifestyle in Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. The tribe has modernized in some ways (at times by government force, at times by convenience), but still practice many aspects of their traditional culture. The Maasai have held onto their identity as warriors and livestock …

What to pack on a safari

What to Pack for a Safari

What to Pack for a Safari? When deciding what to pack for a safari, our best tip is to travel light! Since safaris cover lots of ground in a short time, traveling with a small bag makes transportation a breeze. Besides, who wants to spend time digging through a large suitcase when you can be exploring? Make sure to check …

Black Rhinos in Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater

When is the Great Migration?

On the Quest “When is the Great Migration?” is a loaded question. The short answer is that the cyclical journey happens year round and never ends. The long answer is that it depends on what you are interested in seeing! Whether the focus is going on safari in Tanzania’s Serengeti, exploring the Ngorongoro Conservation Area or seeing a river crossing …

A Pride of Lions on a Kopje

Where to see the Great Migration

Where To See the Great Migration For those who have seeing 7 Natural Wonders of Africa on their bucket list, joining the Great Migration Safari in the Serengeti offers a first hand look at one of nature’s most jaw dropping phenomenons. For those who don’t, you might want to consider adding it! However, exactly where to see the Great Migration …

Wildebeest crossing the river

What is the Great Migration?

What Is The Great Migration? If you’ve heard of the Great Migration, it may have been from the legendary David Attenborough, from a fellow traveler, a friend, or maybe just researching safaris in Africa. This cyclical procession of creatures is one of Africa’s, if not the world’s, most impressive displays of biologically-fueled organization. The Great Migration has been called one …

Farmland near Virunga

How to Make Isombe

While tried-and-true favorites like Italian pastas and Indian curries are well-established and well-loved in the US, the culinary treats of Africa are only just beginning to be appreciated overseas. Among these dishes is a Rwandan staple called Isombe. Originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo, this flavorful green dish is made out of cassava, or manioc, leaves and other vegetables …

Safari with Elephants

The Best Safari Spots in Africa

If a Safari is on your to-do list, Africa is wide-open with options for the wildlife enthusiast in you. While the Serengeti is of course on this list, there are tons of amazing places to explore to get in touch with the wild world in Africa. We’ve highlighted a few of the best safari spots in Africa. Maasai Mara Maasai …

Achuar Guide

Who are the Achuar?

Deep in the Amazon basin of Ecuador and Peru lies an unspoiled country, with trees so vast and tall they look like a million little broccolis from above. Rivers snake through the land that is completely unbroken, a peppering of naturally built indigenous communities can be seen here and there along the river, but otherwise human influence seems a distant …

baby mountain gorilla rwanda

What is Gorilla Trekking?

In the last several years, “ecotourism” as an industry has grown exponentially, and Gorilla trekking has become the unofficial example of how this conservation method can work. But, what is gorilla trekking? Ranked as one of National Geographic trips of a lifetime, and brought to national attention through films like Virunga, Gorilla trekking is making headlines, changing conservation, and saving …


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